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We carry our routine surgeries each day including neutering various small animals, from cats, dogs to rabbits, and ferrets. Our on-site ultrasound and x-ray facility enables us to diagnose conditions and then go on to perform surgeries to remove foreign bodies in the bowl, gastric dilated volvulus, various types of hernias,  splenectomies, tumour removals, bladder stones, along with other life threatening reproductive problems.  

We also have a keen interest in orthopaedics. We fix fractures which are commonly caused from road traffic accidents. Along with the repair of cruciate rupture and patella luxations, we will address various hip, spine and pelvis problems, whether they need surgical intervention or medical management. Along with developmental conditions of bones.

All our surgeries are performed under general anaesthetic, with the latest anaesthetic equipment, and monitoring equipment, ensuring, oxygen, CO2, ecg, blood pressure, temperature and respiration are the basic parameters screened. We offer pre-operative blood work, that we advise for any sick or elderly patient as a good standard of level of care.  These can often highlight conditions that we would not otherwise be aware of, which may have an impact on the  procedure and aftercare for rapid recovery. Most procedures are day procedures, however animals that may have to stay in overnight quite often include the orthopaedic and sick cases, so that recovery is as smooth for each patient before they go home.

We are always happy to discuss in depth any procedure that is being proposed, and we offer close attentive post-operative care for all the various types of surgeries, from the moment the surgery is complete to the weeks following during recovery, with our own registered clients being able to avail of our 24 hour out of hours service, which is on site where the procedure will have been carried out initially.