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Small and Exotic Pets

We are a small animal hospital, and thus facilitate for all your routine emergency needs to ensure the welfare of your animal is maintained. We have vets and qualified nurses to check inpatients and overnight patients all year round.

We also have grooming facilities in both practices with two qualified groomers. Dogs, cats and rabbits are frequent visitors to this service.  Specialist cuts and shampoos, medicated if required, ears, nails, anal glands and microchipping can be carried out.  Also any nervous or fractious individuals can avail of some sedation if safe to do so.   

Along with our cats and dogs we are a rabbit and other exotic animal friendly practice.

We offer a very wide range of diagnostic services, procedures, dietary and behavioural advise.  Our staff are always available to listen and discuss any concerns, and work with you in the best possible way to treat your animals needs.

We do a weekly pet vet show on Northern Sound answering any concerns you may have about your pets. 

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